Buying and Shipping

Where else can I find Origo?

Our stockiest are located below:

      What Payment Method Does Origo Food Take?

      We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay and JCB.

      Does Origo Food Offer Free Shipping?

      Yes, free shipping is available for over $50 order for customers in most cities in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. (postal codes: V1M*, V3*, V4*, V5*, V6*, V7*, V2S*, V2T*, V2W*, V2X*, V2Y*, V2Z*)

      About Freeze-Dried Food

      How Long Can Origo Food Keep?

      If unopened, and stored properly, Origo Food can keep for several years! (gasp)

      What Does Origo Food Taste Like?

      Origo products retain the original flavours. So, the fruit will taste almost the same. The texture is the one that changes during the freeze drying process. Fruits will become crisp, almost like chips.

      Do I Need To Keep Origo Food In The Fridge?

      No! You can keep it in room temperature.

      How Do I Store Origo Food?

      Keep it away from direct sunlight. Once opened, make sure the packaging is properly sealed shut to prevent it from going stale.

      Why is freeze dried fruits more expensive?

      Freeze-dried fruits are more expensive than dehydrated fruits because they offer a higher-quality preservation method that retains superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. The convenience and versatility of freeze-dried fruits make them a great option for outdoor activities, emergency food supplies, and a healthy snack alternative. On the other hand, dehydrated fruits are a more affordable option with some drawbacks such as altered flavor, reduced nutritional content, and a bulkier form. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference, but for those looking for the best quality, freeze-dried fruits are the way to go.