Applications on Freeze dry

Applications on Freeze dry

Cereals and Freeze-Dry are friendly companions.

Cereal is a popular breakfast, which kids enjoy eating. Cereals offer a convenient way to prepare breakfast for parents who are in a rush to get kids ready for school each morning. Yet most cereals lack fiber and other minerals, which is not good for the health of our children. Thoughtful parents look for add-ons, such as dried-fruits, seeds (e.g., Chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc.) and grains because they want their kids to have a healthy, nutritional diet.

Origofoods provides another option: Freeze-Dry fruit, an excellent companion to cereals. The relationship between these two is like Captain America and Ironman: they have their own life and calling, but together they are more powerful. Cereals and Freeze-dry fruits share the same textures and taste, crunchy and crispy. But Freeze-dry fruits are an added bonus to cereals because of their nutritional value, including the original color, fruity aroma, and quick rehydration benefits. This keeps children and adults from overeating and offers a balanced diet. Other than bananas, they are 100% real BC fruits.

Snack Time

Parents often ask what they should prepare for their kids for a snack. Too easily we defer to artificial snacks with too much sugar.

These things bother parents a lot, but they don’t always know what good, tasty alternatives exist. They scour the internet, reading articles, and they ask friends for advice because we want our kids to know, eat, touch, and smell the real fruits. This freeze-dry method keeps the nutrients, colors, shapes, and aroma of the fruits up to 98%, which the ordinary dry-fruits cannot provide. Remarkably, these 100%  Freeze-dry products do not have any extra sugar or any artificial colors; and they are, of course, gluten-free. Be warned: your picky little ones might love these freeze-dry fruits and be picky no more! 

Origofoods: Our BC Fruits are 100% real fruit, 0% Nonsence.

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