Why Origofoods?

Why Origofoods?

Are you still frustrated about finding good alternatives for your children’s snacks, even spending inordinate amounts of time to find the perfect snack? Origofoods understands this frustration all too well with our own families. 

Freeze-Dry: this technology has been long used by NASA for meals for astronauts 1916. Origofoods uses this advanced technology for our B.C. fruits. Homegrown Raspberries (Saanich, Cascade), Blueberries (Duke and Bluecorp.), Strawberries and Apples (Fuji, Golden Aurora, and Ambrosia.) offer the best original flavor, colors, nutrition, shapes, and longer shelf-life compared with ordinary dry-fruits. Even more impressively, these freeze-dry fruits keep their colors and fruity aroma, thus offering the best taste possible.

Origofoods’ desires to make healthy snacking easy and delicious; we want to create child-loved and parents-approved freeze-dried fruit. 

Stay tuned for more articles on the benefits of freeze-dry products. Please feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions about the products or this technology.  

Origofoods: “100% real fruits, 0% nonsense.” 

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